A bit of childhood nostalgia…I loved pokemon to pieces but i swear to god, the digimon anime was better. 

Season 3 was my favourite season…Digimon tamers will always have a place in my heart-

(I totally missed koujacks birthday by a few days but I still wanted to draw *something* for him, considering he’s my favourite boyfriend in the whole game :3)


Practicing digital painting?? I really gonna try and do more of it, i’ve neglected it for so long ;_;

My lil’ kitty Zara :3 She’s a very small feral cat we adopted long ago, but she’s the cutest sweetheart ever. <3 I love my fwuffy. 

winged guy- he’s kind of a bird an kind of a guy. 

kind of a revised version of the goat prince I drew earlier…younger version? idk man, i’m just playing around with stuff-

Happy Summer from the dmmd boys! 

This game made me cry alot.

Akira x Rin has a special place in my heart. 

DRAMAtical Murder x Adventure Time